Top 25 Questions for a School Tour

Bring a list with you to make sure you don’t forget anything

Updated 27/09/2022

Are you planning to attend a virtual or physical school tour? There are so many good international schools in Hong Kong, how do you know which school is right for your child? What information is really necessary for you to make the best decision? During a tour or information session, you will have the opportunity to ask questions to help your decision-making.

Below is a list of 20 questions you will want to consider asking when searching for the right-fit school for your child.


  1. How is you school’s philosophy and mission incorporated into a typical school day?
  2. What is the average class size and/or student-to-teacher ratio? Follow-Up: What is the faculty and staff turnover from year to year and what are the most common reasons they leave early?
  3. What is your homework policy? Follow-Up: How much homework is there on a nightly basis?
  4. What extracurricular activities does your school offer? Sports? Clubs? Competitions? Community service? Follow-Up: How does the school view the role of community service?
  5. What are the policies regarding digital learning Vs traditional teaching methods?
  6. Which world languages do you offer? How many languages can a child study from high school level?
  7. How do you support a student’s strengths and weaknesses? Follow-Up: How do you assist students who have academic, social or emotional difficulties?
  8. How does your school differentiate learning? Follow-Up: Do you have a Gifted programme?
  9. What is your approach to dealing with behavioral issues? Follow-Up: Does the school have an anti-bullying policy? What is the policy and how is it implemented?
  10. What is student life like? Follow-Up: What activities do you have to help transition new students into the academic and social life of the school?
  11. How is your school operated and governed? Follow-Up: What are some of the school’s greatest accomplishments?
  12. What are your teachers’ qualifications and what professional development opportunities do you offer them? Follow-Up: What are the top three skills or assets you look for when hiring faculty and staff?
  13. What kind of students are you looking for? Follow-Up: How do you measure individual achievement and progress?
  14. How engaged are your parents? Follow-Up: What kind of activities do parents participate in to contribute to school life? What are your expectations of parents within your school community?
  15. How do you handle hygiene and sickness, in particular with COVID? Follow-Up: Is there still social-distancing?

Secondary School Questions

  1. What is your school’s college guidance programme?
  2. How does your school help students build essential life skills before college?
  3. How does your school personalize the educational experience?
  4. hat are the students’ achievements and what support is in place for students do succeed well in exams?
  5. What have been some of the student’s most positive experiences so far?
  6. How do you help teens to manage their academic workload?
  7. What programmes are in place to assist students who might become overwhelmed with their studies?
  8. What electives, sports, and service opportunities are available?
  9. Are after-school tutoring services available? Follow up: Which subjects and when does the tutoring start?
  10. Do students have the opportunity to graduate early?

Hong Kong IB Diploma Results 2022

(Canadian International School)

Results of the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma programme were released on July 6, 2022. A total of 2,213 students took the exam compared to 2,193 in 2021. Students in Hong Kong did extremely well. A total of 93 students from schools in Hong Kong attained a perfect score this year. Among the top scorers, 36 were from the English School Foundation (ESF), five from Diocesan Boys’ School, four from Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School and one from Victoria Shanghai Academy.


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International Baccalaureate Graduates

(Yew Chung International School)

Remember that it’s your child who will spend seven years at primary school, not you. If the school has the right mix of factors that you think your child will enjoy then they will most likely have a happy, fulfilling and educational time at primary school.

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